Apollo Hotel Vinkeveen introduces you the Wake Up, Sleep Green! Concept.

Together we can make the world a better place. As our world is shifting rapidly to environmentally friendly practices becoming the new norm, it is time for a game-changer. That's why we are introducing Wake Up, Sleep Green! Concept.

What is Wake Up, Sleep Green!? When you stay with us for more than one night we give you the opportunity to return a favour to the planet by limiting your environmental footprint as a hotel guest, whilst of course maintaining the comfort you can expect as a guest!

In return, you can save up your stayovers and we will plant a tree in our 'company forest' with our  partner TreesforAll, every five times housekeeping services were not required!

Find yourself in need of some fresh towels or an extra pillow? Don't hesitate to put the 'please clean my room hanger' and our housekeepers will be more than happy to help you! The Wake Up, Sleep Green! concept aims to start a revolution in the way hotels and their guests impat the environment. Because let's be honest, would you change your sheets every second day at home?

Let's give something back to our world!